Privacy policy

Oswald Donner & Co Ltd, here trading as We take your privacy seriously and do not send marketing e-mails to anyone without a request being made by them within the settings of their account. Only e-mails relating directly to an order or transaction will be sent. Any other form of e-mail will not be supplied to anyone who has not requested such contact.

Information and data may be automatically collected through the use of cookies which are used to improve and assist your shopping experience. They are small text files used to recognise our customers, used to observe behaviour and compile data in order to improve the site for you. Such data includes where you entered the site and how you navigated it. No information is collected which personally identifies you.

Third Party Disclosure: does not sell, distribute or disclose information about you as an individual or your personal usage of the site. We declare our commitment to your privacy and view your personal information in exactly the same way as we would want our personal information to be treated.