Dual Entry Boot Lace Ferrules

Dual Entry End Boot Lace Ferrules


Oswald Donner & Co Ltd supply a range of Dual Entry Boot Lace Ferrules which provide a neat end termination for tri rated cable and multi stranded wires. They combine high quality with a market leading price and come bagged in 1000's. Please CONTACT US for further information, pricing and to place an order.
Material (Insulation) Vinyl
Material (Terminal) Copper
Material (Plating) Tin
ROHS Compliant
Zero Halogen
Part Number Insulation Colour Wire Size mm2. Length of Barrel Pack Quantity
WT155 White 0.5 8mm 1000
WT156 Grey 0.75 8mm 1000
WT157 Red 1 8mm 1000
WT158 Black 1.5 8mm 1000
WT159 Blue 2.5 10mm 1000
WT160 Grey 4 12mm 1000
WT161 Yellow 6 14mm 1000
WT162 Red 10 14mm 1000
WT163 Blue 16 14mm 1000