Coloured Cable Ties

Coloured Cable Ties


Oswald Donner & Co Ltd suppl high quality virgin Nylon 6,6 coloured cable ties, available in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, silver, purple and brown all of which come packed in 100's. They can be tightened by hand or using one of our tensioning tools. They are ideal for identifying bundles of cable, hoses and pipes etc. Our coloured cable ties are tested before leaving the factory by an outside testing company to ensure the highest levels of quality and strength. Please fee free to CONTACT US for further information, pricing and to place an order. We are able to supply many other colours so please fee free to ask for further information on these options and for samples.
Material Nylon PA66
Standard UL Approved
Military 23190E
Working Temp -40°C - +85°C
Self Extinguishing Class UL94V2
ROHS Compliant
Zero Halogen
Colours Available

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Silver,

Purple, Brown, Pink, Light Blue, Light Green

Part Number Size 
(Length & Width)
Pack Quantity Box Quantity Max Bundle
Minimum Loop
Tensile Strength
C920 + Colour 100 x 2.5mm 100 55,000 22mm 8kg
C189 + Colour 140 x 3.6mm 100 30,000 33mm 18kg
C190 + Colour 200 x 4.8mm 100 16,000 50mm 22kg
C130 + Colour 300 x 4.8mm 100 11,000 80mm 22kg
C921 + Colour 370 x 4.8mm 100 9000 102mm 22kg
C922 + Colour 370 x 7.6mm 100 4500 102mm 55kg
C924 + Colour 430 x 9.0mm 100 2500 116mm 80kg
C925 + Colour 530 x 9.0mm 100 2000 155mm 80kg
C926 + Colour 780 x 9.0mm 100 2000 228mm 80kg